Course curriculum

    1. L1 - What Makes A Circle Sacred?

    1. L2 - Your Role As Facilitator

    1. L3 - Sacred Circling Agreements

    2. Sacred Circling Agreements

    1. L4 - Theming Your Circles

    1. L5 - Structuring Your Circles

    2. Sacred Circle Structure Template

    3. Sample In-Person Circle

    4. Sample Virtual Circle

    5. Ideas For Rituals

    6. Equity In Sharing

About this course

  • $150.00
  • 1 hour of video content

Sister Love

“Kristi has created an excellent and generous course for imagining, designing and implementing circles. The course is short, easy to follow and complete! Kristi offers a comprehensive, empowering, supportive and intentional step by step approach to holding circles. This course is an amazing value, and I know I will refer back to it often as a resource. After completing this course, I now feel I have everything I need to move forward in offering circles from a place of confidence, joy, creativity and care!”

Anna Marie Farmer

An Interview About This Course

(And Why Equity In Sharing Is So Important)

Dani Gardner, author of Quiet Marketing and the inspiration behind my decision to create this offer in a tiny course format, interviews me about this course Facilitating Sacred Circles. 

About 2/3 the way through, we dive into one of the unique and important attributes about one of the course elements (equity in sharing). Even if you decide not to buy this tiny course, this part is valuable in it's own right!

Get Ready To Call Your First Sacred Sister Circle.